Hello 2018 You Couldn’t Have Come Sooner!

2018 is in full swing!

We’ve had crazy weather, a YouTube travesty, and Trump being his usual twitter abusing self. I should be careful…did you know he has a big ol’ button on his desk (and apparently it’s really really big)!

I, like most people, have come up with some new years resolutions. I’ve tried to avoid the classics; lose weightgo out more, and be less stressed.

Somethings aren’t that easy and these ideas have been rattled around and pulled out the hat every year since the millennium for me. I’ve tried not to go crazy and pull new year, new me shit out of my arse and to actually try to think about positive and pro-active ways I can better myself and the general wellness of my life.



I don’t actually drink that little, but I’m always drinking flavoured drinks or ones with a high sugar content (two sugars in a cuppa please). As a 24 year old woman who likes to think of herself as a fully grown adult I want to stick to more water and not just the fruity or alcohol stuff. This year I’m challenging myself to drink only water on weekdays.

Soz Pats.

I’m getting on a bit and need to sort my posture out before I just end up an old lady crawling along the floor. Plus I stand around 5’3 so need all the help I can get! This year one of the resolutions is to stand taller!

My nicknames not Hobbit for nothing.

My skins been killing me recently. A change in birth control, a stressful year, and a lazy skincare routine. 2018 is the year I sort my face out and prioritise! I love makeup but it’s become a frenemy. Unless it’s work, I won’t be wearing it. I’m hoping to knock it altogether but baby steps for now.

And yes I’m saying no to makeup even when the one day I didn’t wear makeup to work, two people I told me I look ill and sad, and one person flat out told me I should wear the black stuff on my eyes at the very least. Sorry to offend you with my naked eyes and lashes.

Thanks for that…


While we’re talking beauty, my hair needs some serious TLC. I have stress-induced hair loss (lucky I know) and my hair only just got some bounce back after completing university when a stressful family crisis hit in the summer. I’ll aim to keep a good hair regime and not wear ponytails so much (the receding hairline is real), and maybe find some new hairstyles along the way.


In the interest of stress-relief and getting some healthy hobbies Yoga classes are on the horizon. For a big girl I’m generally quite flexible and I don’t want that becoming a burden in my old age so I’m going to do something about it now while I have the chance!


Now this isn’t a weight lose target! I couldn’t give two shits about my weight or my size but I’ve started giving some thought to my health. This year I’m giving myself a physical challenge commitment. I’m going alone, but going to complete the C25K programme. (Couch to five kilometres). It’s a low intensity programme designed to get people into running who have absolutely no experience or prior ability! Wish me luck and remind me to bring my inhaler!

I promise I’ll be doing it vertically.


And in the same spirit, read anything and everything. Skills have to be honed and writing is no different. What I do now is completely different to what I was doing five years ago and probably just as different to what I’ll be doing in five more! 2018 is the year I write everyday, whether that be online, or in journals.


Shamelessly share on social media! Who cares if you’ve got a few more hashtags than someone else, or that you’ve uploaded more than one picture in a twenty-four period! As long as I can be as honest and authentic as possible I want to start using social media platforms to my advantage.

Social media is an amazing device for sharing amazing stories and pushing social boundaries. The support activists got with #BlackLivesMatter or #MeToo wouldn’t have happened without everyone being connected on the same platforms all over the world! To the people who thinks social media is trivial, shallow, or a waste of time; you’re clearly looking in the wrong places and doing the wrong things with it!

My priority this year is making sure I use what I have to better myself, or my career! And not to care what others might think about what I’m putting out into the cyberspace void.

Ru has spoken.

Much like the above resolution, I want to push some boundaries. My limits come in the form of anxiety and occasional depression. Countless times have I missed out on opportunities because my mental health took a strong enough hold. I can’t pretend it’ll never do the same again, but I can hope I can push the limits a bit this year.

Twice in my life I have run away from border control (one ferry port, and one airport), the last time I successfully flew (thanks to emergency Diazepam in the pocket, and supportive friends) those friends didn’t let me go to the toilet alone for fear of making another dramatic exit. Anxiety attacks might be the one time I do some actual running. But in 2018 I’m hoping to get on more flights, more trains, and have more opportunities for adventures than ever!

Accurate representation of me an inch out of my comfort zone.

And finally…one more resolution. To reduce the waste I burden our lovely planet with. Starting with no more plastic straws, taking my own water bottle in my bag, and even taking my own cup to coffee shops! I also plan on getting some air cleaning plants, and some bee-friendly flowers. Eating less meat, and getting more involved in political and social schemes aimed at protecting the environment.

(If your after a documentary film to scare you into giving a shit about the environment I’d recommend The Age of Stupid by Franny Armstrong.)

Always Rihanna.


I want this year to be a simple one. To have more fun, to go on more adventures, to spend more time with friends, more time with family, and to accomplish more goals than I did in 2017.


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