The Power of a Woman In a Little Black Dress

Once a year the Golden Globes come and go in a flurry of silk, ruffles, and the odd feather or two. But this year there was more on peoples lips than who they were wearing.

It seems people, especially women, have lost their patience with the current epidemic of sexual predators in high places. Rumbles of activism has been stirring in many people in the wake of Trumps Presidency, and finally it feels like they’ve made it on a major mainstream media platform, with big names pushing the boundaries for important causes.

At this years Golden Globes men and women alike donned black clothes to stand in support of the #TIMESUP campaign. The campaign is a movement against sexual assault and unsolicited sexual behaviour in the workplace. It’s been formed in the wake of the #MeToo campaign, and and the chain reaction from the Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey allegations in Hollywood.

Now, there is a lot of criticism surrounding the campaign, and the apparent trendy nature of activism. A lot of people argue that this is all selective activism (where celebs will attach themselves on to causes but only when it suits their career or reputation…see Kendall Jenner in the now pulled Pepsi ad and even Taylor Swift on the cover of Time Magazine).

But I think this is more than just Hollywood’s elite coordinating their outfits.

It’s major players in the media finally talking about, and at least showing a united front against sexual predators. The campaign has already raised over $15 million. People, again, especially women, look up to the men and women who attend the Golden Globes. If they emulate their behaviour even a little bit; taking no shit from men, respecting themselves more than they have before, or even just feeling like there are other people on their team fighting the same fight, then some success has come from the Golden Globes outfit protest. The globes shed light on the work women do, and the hardships women face everyday. Some guests even opted to use their guest tickets to provide a platform to current activists to spread their message in the mainstream channels.

This movement, and the display for #TIMESUP isn’t just for Hollywood’s big names.

It’s for every women, of every class, of every race, of every LGBTQ orientation, in every single job and industry in the world. It creates a team of women, from the top of the social hierarchy to the bottom, and it allows a place for every man and woman in between.

I will be mightily disappointed if this movement falls to dust as the awards buzz falls. I hope the men and women wearing black, bringing activists as their guests, and bringing human rights to the red carpet, will continue to do the same in the coming months, and years. I hope they find ways to use their platforms for the betterment of the audiences they can gather, and they use their voices with care and consideration.

Here are some of the women who stood proud in their black dresses, and who showed up and stood in unison for female empowerment in the process.

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