Spring Colour Palette Trend

Put your best foot forward this spring and step up your style with this new eye colour trend!

All over Instagram makeup has transitioned to vibrant brights and soft pastels!

The best thing about it…it’s so easy to create your own look! Because either way you play it, just keep it colourful!

Whether you’re inspired by the brighter weather, the blooming flowers, or the generally happier mood after a grey winter. It’s time to bring some colour into our lives and onto our faces! 

The easiest way to wear a colour is to keep it simple.

Rainbow eye shadow is all well and good but it’s never going to be the easiest look to pull of as day-time chic. Aim towards colour blocking to make the most of your eye shadow without having to worry about placement and blending.

Block the colour on the lid, blend over the crease, and add some gloss if you’re feeling particularly ‘fashun’. 

Colour block for a low maintenance, high impact look.
Add a blushy/natural brow & some eye gloss if you want to build a high fashion edge.

If a flat colour isn’t quite your thing and you’re looking for something more refined, think about changing up your eyeliner!

Not only does it bring a level of sophistication, but it’s a much easier way of wearing colour if it’s nothing you have ever done before.

A colour liner can also work with a strong lip when you keep the colours complimentary.

If your more subtle in your looks, try a cobalt blue, or rich burgundy.

The most fun thing about makeup is the creation of something and when you begin to start finding your feet with different techniques, colours, and looks.

One of my most favourite things to do, is to sit in my house and find inspiration. I search Pinterest and Insta and just practise and play.

Makeup is about having fun and trying something different. So play and see what suits you, and what might not. No harm in trying something different!

Here are some amazing looks I found that push the boundaries on shape and blending colours but what can still be considered a colourful spring day look!

The best way to achieve wearing this is to keep the rest simple. Neutral lip colour, and clean complexion as seen below.

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