Beauty Must Have: Cosmetic Fridges

Every so often a beauty trend emerges that takes the industry and us consumers by storm.

Where it was once beauty blenders, eyebrow guides, and gem-stone rollers. Now it is the cosmetic fridge!

An Instagrammers Dream

Cosmetic fridges are mini fridges which can live next to your bed or dressing table and hold all of your chilled out beautifying products!

Personally I love this! Depending on the cost of the fridge (a quick Google priced them on average at £30) I think there are enough benefits to outweigh the cost and general judgement at having an appliance just for cooling your lotions and potions! 

A Super Cool Wake Up Call

When, like most of us, you regularly have to wake up before the suns properly up, it doesn’t always put you in the best mood! Puffy eyes, sallow skin, and generally one eye is still asleep!

Waking up to a fridgey haven of perfectly cooled products sounds like a dream! The cold will give you a refreshing wake up call, and you’ll be setting your skin off to the perfect start! You might even be excited to wake up for that!

The Perfect Hot Weather Antidote

I don’t know about you guys but when summer heat comes full force I don’t sleep a wink! I wake up feeling groggy, like my face hasn’t been washed in a week, and generally hot and bothered. Imagine being able to have skincare that not only does the good stuff it’s meant too. But it cools you off on a hot summers morning! Maybe we can actually get a heads start on our makeup without it all sliding off straight away! The Dream.

Skincare That Lives Longer

Sometimes the best skincare is the most active and freshest! But what comes with that is the dreaded us-by-date! Currently as I type I have a few weeks old resurfacing Lush mask sitting in my fridge next to a couple Mcdonalds BBQ dips that I’m not ready to throw away yet (the dips or the mask)! This can be a particularly big issue with organic/natural products! But having them in the fridge can blur the ‘use-by-date’ rules by a week or so! Enjoy avoiding buyers guilt by being able to use the products just a little longer! Worth the investment really!

More Space For More Skincare!

If like me, your slightly addicted to skincare products, you can run out of space really quickly. When the bathroom, dressing table, and drawers are full…a handy fridge is the perfect space saving compromise!

Also if like me you have too many products to use in one routine, then you can find your perfect products, pop them in the fridge and use just them with easy access. Alternatively you can save the ones your not using by placing them in the fridge so they’ll last longer and be ready and waiting!

Instagrammers Dream

If you follow an abundance of beauty pages and influences then you may have seen the newest hashtag making the round #minifridgeshelfie. You can make your mini fridge aesthetically your style and join the hordes sharing their skincare secrets!

Mini fridge Top Tips

Obviously unless your really going to invest in a bigger fridge space saving is essential! So aim to put the products in that will be worth your while being cooler!

Face masks & Sheet Masks

Perfecting sized to lay flat on the shelf, and wonderful for super quick focused skincare.

Eye Creams

Particularly eye creams that aim to de-bag and reduce puffiness as the cooling affect will help the process along.

Gel Based Moisturisers

Any moisturiser can work in the fridge, but a gel based one will just feel so much more refreshing and calming because of its water base.

Serums for acne and blemishes

The skin might react less to touch if its cooler. And colder products can help to reduce inflammation and redness.

Sprays and Spritz’s

So sprays and mists are one of the most underrated products in my opinion. They can be so calming, refreshing, and hydrating and perfect for a quick boost and wake up call to the skin!


Although certain products are great for the colder climates, so are some ingredients; aim for aloe, cucumber, and rose. They are all super hydrating and nourishing.

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