The June Edit


Has summer happened? Are we still waiting? Has it passed me by already?

No it’s still coming, we’ve had a little sneak peek the past few days, we’ve had some sun, some muggy days, and even a thunder storm! But we haven’t had that nice consistent weather that justifies exposing my whiter-than-white legs to the sun just yet!

But there are still some things that have got me excited this month and what I want to share in this months edit!

The Fashion Edit

Summer Dresses

Summer dresses are my favourite thing this time of year. I love feeling very free in the hot sun. And I like not having to worry about putting too much effort into my outfit on a clammy morning.

Summer is also the season of day-to-night looks. Simply add some jewellery, a heavier makeup, or even a heel and it’s a perfect transitional piece!

This particularly delicate dress is from River Island.

Bright Pjamas

If you can bear to wear anything at all in the summer then more power to you! But in this ever so slightly pre-summer heat, you just need something light! Gone are the fluffy/ fleecey pj’s of winter. In with the bright palm trees to remind us of whats to come!

This particular set is an ASOS Curve special.

Festival Vibes

This June aim for a festival vibe. Maybe not the whole look of bikinis in the fields and rainbow glitter for work. But just bringing in a little shimmer and sequin is the best way to get into the summer spirit! Imagine this iridescent number in the golden hour glow of a roof top pub! The Dream!

The Beauty Edit

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick

A perfect summer need for your makeup bag!

A wash of gorgeous colour, long-wearing so no hassle throughout the day and night, and super hydrating and balmy!

Summer is about the hassle free, natural glow, no-makeup-makeup and this is the perfect lip finish!

Sure Advanced Protection Deodrant

If there are some side effects of summer, one of them has to be the perspiration.

I love this antiperspirant and think it is the most effective I’ve used! It is also perfect for a litter spray under the boobs to keep the #underboobsweat at bay!

Batiste Dry Shampoo

A summer ESSENTIAL right here!

A mini for the handbag, and the great big one for the dressing table.

I use this at the beginning of the day to keep the clammy heat and humidity at bay. And then top up throughout to keep it bouncy and light.

Liz Earl Cleanse & Polish

Okay, so I know this is already a staple product in the beauty industry and a hero product for Liz Earl.

But I’ve just started using it and I love it so much! No residue (which is rare for a balmy cleanser) and feels so clear.

It’s also a cleanser & makeup remover so it’s hassle free being the two in one!

The Lifestyle Edit


A strange one but hear me out.

In the winter, there is nothing worse than having to get ready for an evening out.

And even worse is meeting up with someone after work when you’ve been out in the cold and grey all day!

It’s depressing as Christmas rolls closer and closer and your still alone (nothing wrong with it but slightly saddening when your actively trying not to be).

Whereas summer you want to be out and about, you can shed the layers to cuter clothing, and there are so many more options for dates when ‘indoors’ isn’t the rule.


Pool floaties

I love anything fun, bright, and Instagramable!

Plus the additional function of keeping your drinks and phone closer than ever in the pool!

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