January #LoveList

Everything I love this month!

*I do not own any rights or licensing to images used*

Kicking off 2023 with a list of things I am loving this month from beauty to television, and cosy comforts!… Because if January isn’t the month of self-care and a little bit of hibernation and good TV then when is!

Wakanda Forever

Watching this film was my return to the cinema. It was the first time I had been in years but this film felt like it needed to be watched on the big screen so I got some girls together and got a date in the diary! I know this film has been a little controversial after the passing of leading man Chadwick Boseman. But personally I am so glad that they didn’t let the character finish with his death. It would have felt unfinished, with no closure for the characters or the fans who have loved and gotten behind the Black Panther universe.

I cried multiple times during this film, and it felt like a love letter to both Boseman and the Black Panther itself. Grief and forgiveness are the main elements of this stylistically spectacular film. A slight departure from traditional Marvel films which heavily gloss over loss and self-reflection. But like I said, this was a film for Boseman, Black Panther, and grieving fans all over the world. It was a film to reset the universe Wakanda resides in, and I think it has set up a story-arch which will allow the creators to make some really fantastic sequels!

White Lotus Season 2

The characters, costumes, landscapes, plot twists, drama, and of course the GLOBAL treasure that is Jennifer Coolidge is just a phenomenal thing to witness.

The season revolves around the dramatically privileged ensemble cast and the problems they pack with them on their holidays to Sicily.

Monica Vitti aka Peppa Pig aka Jennifer Coolidges character Tanya McQuoid personifies busty chaos perfectly. She is an oblivious destructive force of nature whom is more suited to a starring role in Real Housewives of San Fransisco than riding a vespa on the rolling hills of Sicily. She stole the entire show and no line has ever felt so comedic and anxiety ridden than ‘These gays are trying to murder me!’. It is her eventual inability to stand on her own two feet which is her downfall. Which seems particularly fitting end but no spoilers in this post.

As for the rest of the characters; there were affairs, career crises, falling in love, falling out of love, sex addiction, casual and not so casual misogyny, as well as a plethora of other dramatic, laughable, and downright frustrating moments. Definitely one to binge watch with others as you’ll want to dissect every moment!

Ultra Mini Uggs

A blast from the past! As a teen in the early to mid 2000’s my main personality trait for a good while was being an ‘Uggs Girl’. In winter it was Uggs, layered tops, and a Jack Wills jumper…In summer it was still Uggs with a denim skirt and trying to not look sweaty in the middle of July! These are back with a bang for a stylishly comfortable look! I love that they are bringing in the new era or ultra mini/ micro sizes, as lets be honest, no one really suited the saggy mid-calf length boot particularly well… not even the pro’s like Paris.

Oversized Hoodies!

When you’re living through a cost of living crisis, a war in Europe, climate change is looming large in the distance, and social media is a lawless place of negativity the best thing you can sometimes do is hunker down, hibernate, and wait it out for Spring!

I love this oversized hoodie from M&S with personalised monogrammed embroidery on the pocket. I actually got this for my birthday in December and I’m obsessed!

Bedazzled Tights

I love this micro-trend! The past few years have heavily relied on minimalism, simple pieces, and not looking like you’re trying too hard. I love that fashion seems to be moving away from this with bolder colours, big textures like leather and feathers, and diamond and bling embellishments! I just think these tights can look flattering on most body types and can be introduced to so many different looks that people already have in their closets! After seeing this all over TikTok and Pinterest I was very happy to come across this particular plus size pair on ASOS.

Valentino Pink

Valentino Pink is a shade of pink developed in the fashion house called Pink PP by Pierpaolo Piccioli. Valentino’s celebration of the deep fusia/magenta shade has overwhelmed red carpets and social media. I love the celebration of powerful femininity in this colour and as said above, in the contrast to the past years reliance on beige and muted tones in fashion, the hit of pink is the perfect antidote. If you can’t afford a piece from the collections then I love these hot pink block heel dupes from ASOS!

Summer Fridays Butter Balm

I first came across this brand when it was a solid favourite of make-up artist Katie Jane Hughes. Since then this iconic product has become an absolute staple for me. Its rich, hydrating, glossy, and the tube is aesthetically pleasing too!

Mielle Rosemary Mint Range

I know this little bottle has been all over TikTok but I do actually think this range has done my hair wonders! You need to use it sparingly and yes it comes with some controversy but the products speak for themselves to be honest.

Bottega Veneta

Although I will probably never afford this bag in my lifetime I can still love it from afar! I love the iconic woven design and I love that the design doesn’t rely on heavy obnoxious branding which can ruin the design and really make the piece look dated (looking at you Louis V, and Gucci)! This is the Jodie range and it comes in teeny tiny micro bag size, to this larger handbag size. I love slouchy leather and if I ever had £4000 to blow on a luxury extravagance it would be this every day of the week.


Clear Gloss

So I realise on reflection this is a suspicious looking swatch that you would never want to see on a hotel bedspread. However it is the humble clear gloss! Haley Bieber seemed to be the one to bring this back from the millennial time capsule but my god I love it so much! As an ex-makeup artist it is one of the most versatile products to work with. Dry lips? Gloss. Stray eyebrow? Gloss! Cheeks looking dull? Gloss!! Eyelids look tired and matte? Gloss!!! (Seriously feels a little weird the first time but a tiny dot of gloss on the eyelid makes eyes look much brighter).

Check in again for my February #LoveList!

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