Phoebe Ann Brooks

From the top; I'm twenty-five, single, and I work as a skincare and beauty consultant. I'm still trying to figure out how to be what I want to be when I grow up. I love to write and would love to make a career out of it. This is my blog where I'll share a few things from time to time. I love to have my own opinions but I'm a sucker for a basic bitch trend so allow me that please. Key words associated with me if you were to google; Girl, Anxious, Friend, Daughter, Makeup, Beauty, Skincare, Single, Basic, Bad Driver, OCD, Fat, Graduate, Impulsive, Blunt, Motivated, (Unmotivated), Ambitious, Daydreamer, Trying Their Best, Unconfident with correct 'There, Their, They're’ Usage, Dyslexic, and Happy.

Anxiety is… Never Feeling Worthy

Anxiety is a horrible thing to suffer from. Some people feel it intensely, every day. And some people feel it a little, and only in bad circumstances. But it’s all valid. And it’s all a little shit. Anxiety for me, is the voice in my head. It’s my own voice, but it’s harsh, and manipulative, […]