Phoebe Ann Brooks

From the top; I'm twenty-five, single, and I work as a skincare and beauty consultant. I'm still trying to figure out how to be what I want to be when I grow up. I love to write and would love to make a career out of it. This is my blog where I'll share a few things from time to time. I love to have my own opinions but I'm a sucker for a basic bitch trend so allow me that please. Key words associated with me if you were to google; Girl, Anxious, Friend, Daughter, Makeup, Beauty, Skincare, Single, Basic, Bad Driver, OCD, Fat, Graduate, Impulsive, Blunt, Motivated, (Unmotivated), Ambitious, Daydreamer, Trying Their Best, Unconfident with correct 'There, Their, They're’ Usage, Dyslexic, and Happy.

The Things You Learn Being Twenty-Something

When you’re younger you think of your twenties as the wild decade of holidays, late nights, ill-advised decision making, and general debauchery. All the TV shows, all the films, make it seem like a magical time where everything falls into place. We have endless social opportunities, endless funds to pay for said socialising, and of […]


Hello 2018 You Couldn’t Have Come Sooner!

2018 is in full swing! We’ve had crazy weather, a YouTube travesty, and Trump being his usual twitter abusing self. I should be careful…did you know he has a big ol’ button on his desk (and apparently it’s really really big)! I, like most people, have come up with some new years resolutions. I’ve tried to […]


Gender, Race, Ageism and Feminism in Folklore influenced Disney Films

  So this is the biggest piece of work I’ve done to date; my Bachelor of Arts dissertation piece. Initially I wanted to look at 14th century folklore and how it has been adapted to new media today, specifically the cultural variations in the different film adaptions. I started to get into it and apparently […]